E2E Service Activator

E2E Service Activator is a complete application solution built on business process management technology that allows organizations to model, automate, monitor and optimize operational processes of service activation management.

Process design

Intuitive business process modeling using simple GUI. The interface supports all standard BPM elements that allows precise modelling of complex processes.

Process instance browser

At any moment check the status of each process instance of your business process. Optimize process models and remove all unnecessary steps by analyzing collected statistics.


Configurable reports give you an accurate insight into the overall state of the system at all times.

Process execution statistics

Configurable dashboards allow detailed monitoring of the process execution performance statistics in the real time.

Product catalog

Product catalog is the part of the E2E Service Activator platform. Create a centralized database of your own products and services and define their interdependence using an intuitive and modular approach.


E2E Service Activator is developed in an open source technologies and is entirely independent of the platform on which it operates.

High reliability and performance allow the use of E2E Service Activator in extremely complex environments.

Simple integration with other systems using the REST API.